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A decade of leadership revolutionizing human interaction with virtual reality.

WorldViz virtual reality software and solutions empower professionals to create immersive experiences, solving problems across a wide range of industries. WorldViz offers a full range of products and support, including enterprise grade software, complete VR systems, custom solution design, and application development. In enterprises, WorldViz virtual reality solutions are helping people understand complex information while enhancing communication between designers, engineers and management teams. In academia, WorldViz technology enables innovation and experimental control in research and discovery.


WorldViz in Australia

Vizulab’s vast experience in the VR industry spanning over two decades paired with WorldViz’s long standing reputation as a forerunner in VR solutions for professionals is an unbeatable combination.

We are very proud to represent WorldVis products in Australia their industry leading solutions are widely accepted in a variety of industries including academic, health, government and manufacturing.

WorldViz Products

WorldViz Vizible

Vizard Virtual Reality Software

Create engaging virtual worlds and immersive applications with the most comprehensive virtual reality development platform in the industry. Build once, deploy everywhere. Universal VR hardware connectivity supports all HMDs, 3D…

VizMove Seated VR System

VizMove Standing VR System

VizMove Walking VR System

VizMove Projection VR System