Interactive, virtual experience for large audiences

  • Create realistic virtual reality environments with pre-configured hardware and software.
  • Adjust to any space,  leave zero footprint in your office or work space.
  • Experience live group virtual interaction and tap into the power of social presence.
  • Rely on the best in customer support.

Projection VR

  • Visualize – High quality, cost-effective 3D projectors leave zero footprint.
  • Share – Collaborate on data review & design visualization with large groups.
  • Create – Rapidly develop and deploy even the most complex virtual reality applications with included software.
  • Move – Experience motion tracking optimized for real-time viewpoint rendering and complex interactions.
  • Compute – Harness best-in-class components for high-performance multi-display stereoscopic graphics.

Experience Instant Engagement with VizMove Projection VR

  • Easily set-up preconfigured system to smoothly launch your virtual reality application.
  • Be efficient in your virtual reality design with Vizard, the premier software built for rapid application development included in VizMove.
  • Master VizMove Projection VR within minutes using its extensive collection of preconfigured sample applications and demos.