Geomagic® OpenHaptics® Toolkit
Add 3D Touch™ Navigation and Haptics to Your Applications

Create a compelling user experience for your customers: Enable users to go beyond working with a 2D mouse in your applications, to interacting with and manipulating objects in a realistic intuitive way. Allow users to feel objects in a virtual 3D scene, making skills easier to learn. Give your customers true 3D navigation and direct interaction in a way that makes them more productive and adds a “wow” factor to your application.

The OpenHaptics® Developer Edition enables software developers to add haptics and true 3D navigation to a broad range of applications including 3D design and modeling, medical, games, entertainment, visualization, and simulation. This haptics toolkit is patterned after the OpenGL® API making it familiar to graphics programmers and facilitating integration with OpenGL applications. Using the OpenHaptics toolkit, developers can leverage existing OpenGL code for specifying geometry and supplement it with OpenHaptics commands to simulate haptic material properties such as friction and stiffness.

The extensible architecture enables developers to add functionality to support new types of shapes. It is also designed to integrate third-party libraries such as physics/dynamics and collision detection engines. The OpenHaptics toolkit supports the range of 3D Systems PHANTOM® devices, from the low-cost Touch 3D Stylus device to the larger PHANTOM Premium devices. The OpenHaptics toolkit supports Microsoft® Windows® 7 and 8, and Linux®.

QuickHaptics™ Micro API

Write a simple graphic/haptics application using 8 lines of programming code instead of 300! QuickHaptics enables rapid program design and deployment, and is ideal for mash-ups into existing applications, trying out new ideas, and creating haptic examples. Using graphic and haptic function calls that encapsulate the logical steps for typical haptic applications, QuickHaptics makes it incredibly faster and easier to write new haptic applications, or to add haptics to existing applications.

This toolkit includes the Haptic Device API (HDAPI), the Haptic Library API (HLAPI), utilities, PHANTOM Device Drivers (PDD), and source code examples.

It is available for research, non-commercial and academic use at no charge after completing a user agreement. Any commercial usage resulting will require agreement of licence fees and royalties. Find out more at the Developers’ Software Forum.

Haptic Devices

The 3D Systems product line of haptic devices enables users to touch and manipulate virtual objects. Different models in this industry-leading product line meet the varying needs of commercial software developers, academic and commercial researchers, and product designers. The PHANTOM Premium models are high-precision instruments and, within the PHANTOM product line, provide the largest workspaces and highest forces, and some offer 6 degrees of freedom (6DOF) output capabilities. The Geomagic Touch and TouchX devices offer affordable desktop solutions.


Open Haptics Data Sheet
Open Haptics Programmer’s Guide

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