REDROVER is a company committed to excellence in 3D display technology. Since our first True3di monitors were manufactured in 2004, our goal has been to make 3D viewing accessible to everyone. Nowhere has the axiom “seeing is believing” more true than in the 3D world, and we’re sure that we can make you a believer.

3D Display Methods

There are several traditional methods to view 3D stereo contents, such as micropol-film, wireless liquid crystal shutter eye wear, CRT add-on panel, non-glasses type, or flat LCD screen combined with 3D shutter glasses. By way of 3D, they are successful in creating some semblance of 3D imaging. However, these methods have several shortcomings, such as low resolution, dark imagery, increased dizziness and a narrower angle of view, to name but a few. Market penetrations in professional GIS and commercial visualization applications have not been realized due to the limited technological advancement. That is, until now.

Cutting-Edge Technology

True3di utilizes both optical and polarized light to bring real solutions to the 3D world without any resolution lost and flickering. This is all you expect and desire from top-quality stereoscopic workstation because our monitors are built to set new global standards.

RedRover 3D Displays in Australia

Vizulab are the exclusive Australia distributor for RedRover True3Di displays.

We have hundreds of RedRover True3Di displays deployed across Australia to a wide range of industries over the past decade.

RedRover Products

True3Di SDM-240 3D Monitor

For users who require the topclass stereo effect on the desktops(such as geospatial exports, defense professional, government agencies and research institutes…etc), high quality computer screen with Full HD resolution (1920×1200)…